The Young People’s Management Committee (YPMC) was set up in 2004 as a way of ensuring that young people have a chance to voice their opinions on how the courses are running with the opportunity to suggest improvements based on their experiences. This ensures that the young people have their views taken on board which are used to further develop the SHNE programmes.  Meetings take place at the end of each module and are run entirely by the young people who are part of the project.  We encourage representation of young people from each of the existing cohorts and the maintenance groups.

Volunteers and parents are also invited to attend these meetings, so that they also can voice their views and opinions on how things are progressing and these comments are fed back by the Chair to the Board of Directors.  Comments and opinions of the young people are seriously considered at these meetings and inform service developments.  We believe this is what makes our programmes so successful.

The YPMC comprises of young people in the role of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The YPMC serve office for 3 years and are voted and elected at the AGM by SHINE members.