Obesity Care Week 2021

Obesity Care Week is an annual awareness week that educates and advocates for a better world for people living with obesity and campaigns for fair care and treatment without weight bias.  SHINE is supporting this year’s event with a free daily Zoom presentation. Each presentation is dedicated to a specific topic highlighting issues impacting young people living with obesity.

We’re updating the list below with the original presentations, discussion points and exercises from these sessions. Hope you find them useful!

1st March 2021
Weight Bias Presentation
Weight Bias Discussion Points

2nd March 2021
Prevention and Treatment Presentation
Prevention and Treatment Discussion Points
McDonalds Activity

3rd March 2021
Access to Care Presentation
Access to Care Discussion Points

4th March 2021
World Obesity Presentation
World Obesity Discussion Points

5th March 2021
Childhood Obesity Presentation
Childhood Obesity Discussion Points

6th March 2021
Compassion Fatigues Presentation
Discussion Points Presentation