About us

SHINE is a community based weight management programme that helps young people aged 10-17 years not only  lose weight but also to gain in self esteem and confidence. We are a dedicated team who puts young people first to help them acheive their full potential.   You can read our philosophy and mission statement here.

The government recommendation of ‘Eat Less and Exercise More’ may be functionally correct, but for young people it is far more complicated than this. SHINE works directly with young people to understand their weight so that they can manage it more effectively in an independent way. SHINE thinks that supporting young people starts with listening to what they need and we don’t just look at food and eating – we promote a complete attitudinal change to lifestyles.

Our work has been recognised with national awards from the National Obesity Forum, National Youth Agency and DSC Social Care Awards. We’re currently funded by Children in Need. We offer training places to professionals to increase knowledge and understanding of obesity in children and young people.

There’s lots of people involved in making this work.

We have a strong Board of Directors who promote governance and who work hard to improve the lifestyles of young people.

We’re lucky enough to be able to call upon a dedicated team of sessional and voluntary staff who help deliver everything from interventions and consultations to bucket-shaking fundraising and administation of SHINE’s headquarters.

But most importantly we’re lead by the voices of young people. Our programmes are informed by feedback we receive from SHINE’s Young People’s Management Committee.