Free Zoom Knowledge Builders for Obesity Care Week

By February 28, 2021Conferences

Today is the launch of Obesity Care Week (OCW), an annual public awareness effort supported by more than 60 countries worldwide and more than 75 healthcare-focused organisations.

OCW’s aim is to elevate societal awareness of obesity educate individuals impacted by the disease as well as healthcare professionals, medical societies, policy makers, payers, and other stakeholders – and to advocate for a better world for people living with obesity. They also campaign for fair care and treatment without weight bias. These are all aims we’re squarely behind here at SHINE and we’ll be supporting OCW with a short presentation each day on the topics outlined by the project, as follows:

Each presentation starts at 1300 GMT via Zoom and is presented by SHINE’s Kath Sharman, who’ll draw upon her experiences of working with children and young people living with severe obesity and complex needs.

The link is the same for each session:

Meeting ID: 920 4275 4753

Passcode: 233040

We’d be delighted if you could join us.

For more details please contact: